Addiction and Recovery

“Don’t let your fear paralyze you. The scariest paths often lead to the most exciting places.”-Lori Deschene

You Hear the Word Addiction and You Cringe

You never thought that the word ‘addict’ would be used to describe you. Afterall, that word is used to convey people who are criminals, people who can’t keep a job, liars, and are unstable in their life.

That is not you

Addiction has a negative connotation, and it’s understandable why you hear it and are torn about getting help.  You don’t fall into the stereotype of addiction, afterall you are successful in your career, you have a family, friends, and what would be thought of as a good life.  Most people don’t even know you are struggling.  Yet, you know that you aren’t living your best life.  You don’t feel as fulfilled as you want, and you are experiencing pain that nobody can begin to understand.  You are grasping at straws trying to mask that pain, and substance use and other addictive behaviors have been the only ways you have found relief, even if it’s only temporary.

Perhaps you have used substances, such as drugs and alcohol, to improve your performance, as they have given you the energy and drive to reach the level you wanted so badly to achieve.  In the beginning you excelled in all areas of your life, but now nothing seems to be working, including the addictive behavior(s).

Looking Beyond the Label

At Mindful Reflections we empathize with that sentiment.  The moment you are stamped with a label, like “addict”, you are put into this box from which it can be hard to distance yourself.  You’re told you have a disease by many programs and counselors, which can make it hard to feel hopeful about the future and your potential.  Mindful Reflections won’t clump you into any category.  Your experiences are unique to you, as well as the way addiction impacts your life.

You are not an addict, you may be struggling with substance abuse and other unhealthy behaviors, but that is not who you are.  You have remarkable strengths, including perseverance, resilience, and a strong passion that have helped you during difficult times, which will ultimately help you in your recovery.

Not Your First Time Seeking Help

So you have done this before.  We understand your frustrations when you have seen therapist after therapist, and enrolled in treatment after treatment, only to end up in the same place.  Mindful Reflections does things a bit differently.  We strive to give you a dynamic experience.  It’s not just about attending a session here and there hoping to overcome the addiction.  We provide more than that. Our goal is your healing and to provide you with lasting change.

 We offer an opportunity to not only get intense, focused, one on one support, but we provide transformational community discussions as well, through our signature programs.  We know that it can feel isolating to hide behind that mask all the time, especially now during COVID-19.  Mindful Reflections wants to liberate you from that feeling.  We want you to experience a sense of connection again.  Afterall, recovery doesn’t happen alone.  It can be freeing to engage with like minded people in a safe and compassionate way, while also taking part in deep individual healing.  


Mindful Reflections is Here to Help in Your Recovery

Even though you have found yourself in hard times, your current station in life is not permanent.  It is time to believe in yourself and your capacity for change, and Mindful Reflections is here to help.  You can feel connection, confidence and fulfillment with our 8 Pillars of Healing.


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