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“No matter how big or small, your trauma is real. It does not, however, have to be a life sentence”Shaina Feingold, LCSW

Have Critical Life Events Impacted Your Ability to Achieve Success?

You have spent most of your life hiding your emotions and never feeling truly seen. You smile, laugh, and are everything to everyone, except yourself. Your life may seem perfect to the outside world, but inside you are struggling. Your mind is constantly racing and you’re worried about when the next shoe will fall. Sure you have family, friends, and a good job, but something is missing.

Understandably, you are trying to find that missing piece. You worry that this is the best life will get, and wonder if it’s worth it. You don’t want to have to hide your true self anymore. You want to experience meaningful connections, confidence in yourself and your abilities, and fulfilled in your life, both personally and professionally. You have felt stuck in your past and in your thoughts, and are ready for something new.

Perhaps you can identify with all of that, but you hear the word trauma and think “that’s not me”. You might have even been hesitant to click on the words “Trauma Coaching”.

We don’t blame you! Trauma sounds scary and debilitating. As part of the Mindful Reflections’ philosophy we are challenging the traditional definition of trauma, because who loves that label? Labels keep us stuck and dismissed. That’s not what we aim for at Mindful Reflections. So, let’s ditch the labels and start speaking your truth.

 Let Us Identify How We Define Trauma




. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

“A subjective experience that is a direct result of a specific distressing event(s), situation(s) or set of circumstances. Its depth of impact is independent of how others would compare or view it. It creates a barrier to achieving your goals and full potential. It does not have to be viewed as distressing to anyone else but you.”

We don’t judge or compare your level of trauma to others, and you shouldn’t either. Trauma is relative. Science tells us the brain can be equally affected by trauma regardless of its perceived magnitude, leading to some of the challenges you may be facing, such as difficulty developing healthy and strong connections, limiting beliefs about yourself and abilities, and the desire to numb or forget the pain.

Unfortunately, this leads to more labels, like PTSD, addiction, depression, and anxiety. That is not the Mindful Reflections way. The diagnoses you have been given in the past, are not a reflection of where you are now or where you want to go in the future. We work together on your unique experience and help you take back your power.

You Hear Trauma and Think PTSD

You are not alone. An interesting and little known fact about trauma and PTSD is this: everyone who has been labeled with PTSD has experienced trauma, but not everyone who has endured trauma has PTSD. Yet, they all get lumped together in the same bucket and that can make it hard to identify with the idea of trauma. So let’s start where you are at right now! Here at Mindful Reflections we want to hear about YOU and what you need to reach your goals and live your best life.

Imagine being able to heal from your past without having to relive it. Your days of finding a trauma specialist who is going to dive into your past, and make you relive those horrible moments is over. Welcome to Mindful Reflections! We know that you possess strengths and have potential that you may not have fully tapped into yet. Through our 8 Pillars of Healing, Mindful Reflections is here to help you get there.

Common Questions We Get Around Trauma Healing

Is it possible to heal from trauma without reliving or talking about it?

 Trauma does not live in the part of the brain that involves talking, logic, reasoning, and language. Rather, it lives in the deeper parts of the brain that is only accessible using specific strategies. As a result, I incorporate Brainspotting in my sessions, to provide you with an alternative way to heal.

 Brainspotting uses specific eye placements to allow your brain to process unconscious and emotional experiences that are often associated with trauma and other life challenges. Brainspotting helps you access the parts of the brain that traditional talk therapy techniques cannot reach, ultimately, healing you faster and more effectively.

I have tried therapy for trauma in the past and it didn't work, how is Mindful Reflections different?

 Our goal is for you to live your best life and feel the connection and fulfillment in which you are striving. You are looking for long lasting results, rather than just a band-aid. At Mindful Reflections’ we aren’t about having a session here or there, hoping you will experience change. Our approach is more intensive. We offer programs that incorporate individual work, community connection groups, and focused coaching sessions to help you experience deeper healing. We also incorporate strategies that hit the root cause of the trauma, rather than strictly managing the symptoms.

What if I don’t recall anything traumatic happening to me?

 The word trauma does not resonate with everyone, as oftentimes people don’t remember anything explicitly happening to them. Nonetheless, many of the symptoms or struggles people face derives from some form of trauma, either knowingly or unknowingly. Remember, Mindful Reflections looks at trauma differently than most professionals. We see it as something that was distressing to you and your nervous system. People’s experiences live in the brain and the body, and many times it does not reach the parts of the brain that involve thinking, language, and logic.

Your Trauma Healing Can Start Today

You may be feeling stuck and overwhelmed with life at the moment, but it’s not permanent. With Mindful Reflections, and the right support from a trauma specialist, you can start living your best life.


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