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It can feel isolating when you are in the midst of the struggle.  There is this assumption that nobody will understand and that no amount of talking or sharing will make things better.  As a result, you try and bear the unbearable all by yourself.  

The hardest thing to do is to be vulnerable and share about the difficulties in your life.

However,  bottling up what’s going on internally only enhances the challenges you’re experiencing. Fortunately, with the right support your life can look and feel a lot different.  If you are tired of riding the struggle bus and are ready to start living your best life Mindful Reflections can help.  

The Mindful Reflection Mission

Mindful Reflections’ mission is to help women in all things pregnancy and motherhood, because so much is unexpected.  Whether you are struggling with infertility, grieving a miscarriage or infant loss, struggling with a traumatic birth, or trying to manage life as a mother, Mindful Reflections is here for you.   

Through the specialized strategies I use, you have the chance to feel like you are winning at the game of life. We work together, so that you can feel more fulfilled in all that you do, and more connected to family, friends and most importantly YOU.

Check out Mindful Reflections’ 8 Pillars of Healing to better understand how we work.

Meet The Expert

Hi, I’m Shaina and I am glad you’re here.  

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), specializing in maternal mental health.  I am a mother to two energetic boys.  I strive to support moms, who have felt defeated by life demands, redefine their life experiences and take back their power.

As a working mom, I know what it’s like to put my whole body, mind and soul into my family and my career with little regard for my own wellbeing. By neglecting myself and my needs, I found it impossible to find the joy in life and be fully present with my family and friends, as well as feel successful in my career.

I have learned personally and in my clinical practice that change doesn’t happen in isolation or without action. As a result, I have fine-tuned the methods I use to make sure my clients get the best results possible.

Through my focused programs, webinars, group support, and 1:1 work, I provide a dynamic approach that helps you find the clarity, connection, and confidence you need to have the life you always imagined living.  The work we do together is about you and where you want to go.  Nobody knows you better than you.  My ultimate goal is for you to achieve deep and meaningful transformation, and reach your highest potential.  That potential is just waiting to be discovered.   

Let’s do  this!


I am a new mom and I am struggling to manage it all.

I am a working mom looking to feel more fulfilled and balanced in my life.

Maybe you’re none of the above.  Perhaps you are a fellow provider who is looking to find ways to optimize your clients’ healing. Or, you offer a service that you believe would benefit working moms and want to be a part of our innovative programs.  Click here to schedule your FREE collaboration session to learn how you can partner with Mindful Reflections so we can heal more people together!


You are dedicated and ready to invest in yourself and your well-being 

You are looking for a new way to find relief and optimize your potential 

You want to engage in healthier habits, increase self-compassion, and feel more in control of your life 

You want to feel successful in ALL areas of your life

You are ready to work with a professional who sees you and your promise, and strives to help you build a life for which you can be proud


You are a fellow provider looking to optimize your client’s healing and potential

Let’s Get Started!


1. Reflect on your struggles

3. Reframe your experiences

5. Reveal  your true self

7. Recover from Your Pain

2. Redefine your expectations

4. Release your past

6. Repair your relationships

8. Rebuild your life

1. Reflect on your struggles

2. Redefine your expectations

3. Reframe Your Experiences

4. Release your past

5. Reveal  your true self

6. Repair Relationships

7. Recover from Your Pain

8. Rebuild your life


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