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As a trauma and performance specialist do you practice therapy?

 Mindful Reflections is expanding and redefining therapy.  We are combining therapy and coaching to provide a more comprehensive experience.  Therefore, we do not practice therapy in the typical way.  While traditional talk therapy can be cathartic, our goal is to maximize healing and potential by focusing on the brain and body.   We have found that this is where true healing occurs and where possibility lives.

Who are your clients?

Mindful Reflections works with clients who are dedicated to making changes in their lives, and want to invest in themselves and their future.  People who have tried countless techniques and have not experienced the transformation for which they were hoping. Even if they were given what seems like the worst hand in the deck, they do not give up, or use it as an excuse. Rather, they use those challenges as a source of strength to help them attain their goals.  

These people are often considered perfectionists who strive to be the best at everything they do, personally and professionally.  While that drive has been beneficial, it has simultaneously cost them their health, relationships, and happiness.  They don’t want people to see that they are suffering and do everything in their power to appear like they have it all figured out.   They know they need help, but fear what that will look or feel like.  They don’t believe that talking about their problems or their past will solve them.  Rather, they are looking for a new way to enhance their performance, improve their relationships, and feel like they are winning at life.  Ultimately, they are looking for a professional who will not only reduce their symptoms but help them overcome their struggles.  

That is what Mindful Reflections can provide. We help people process their issues on a deeper level.  We don’t need to rehash old stories to help clients get where they need to go.  We look to the future, with the past as a guide.

How is Mindful Reflections different from other therapy practices?

Mindful Reflections is different from other therapy practices because we combine deep, focused 1:1 healing with community development.  This provides an opportunity for people to build connection, confidence and clarity in a way that leads to lasting change. We don’t diagnose and are not into pathologizing clients’ experiences.  We are flexible in how we provide services, and use what clients bring to the table to navigate their process.  We don’t have an agenda, other than to provide optimal healing.  That being said, we lean into uncertainty, and take each individual and group session as they come. We teach clients to trust their own ability to heal and to approach difficult feelings and sensations with curiosity rather than view them as problematic.  Afterall, many of the symptoms or challenges we encounter were adaptive at some point in our lives.  

What should I expect when working with Mindful Reflections?

Clients should expect a caring and attuned experience.  A space where they feel heard while also challenged, in order to maximize their potential.  Clients should expect that each session will feel different and be guided in a way that will help them safely lean into uncertainty. Furthermore, it should be expected that change does not happen overnight but occurs over time with dedication and patience. 

What does Mindful Reflections expect of me?

Our time together is an opportunity for you to be vulnerable.  Therefore, Mindful Reflections expects you to be committed to self-healing and all that that entails, including showing up to appointments, being open to different methods, and engaged in the journey.  Healing is not a neat and clean process.  It gets messy and at times uncomfortable, but you have to feel the discomfort and work through the chaos in order to get where you want to go.

Do you take insurance?

Due to the distinct nature of Mindful Reflections, we do not take insurance.  We have found that insurance providers are too involved in your healing, which does not allow you to maximize your potential.  You deserve an experience that is tailored to your needs and will yield the best results.  Without insurance input, we have the ability to meet as often as we need for as long as we need.  Additionally, we are also able to offer our signature programs as a more intensive option, which we would not be able to do if we worked with insurance providers.  


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