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“The Destination only reveals itself as it arrives, and once you reach the destination you soon realize that it’s only a temporary station” David Grand

8 Pillars of Healing

1. Reflect on your struggles

The fact that you’re here means your path to transformation has already started. You have identified that there are obstacles standing in your way of achieving your goals, but are not quite sure how to go about overcoming them.

This is where our journey together begins. During our discovery session we meet to reflect on the struggles you have been experiencing, and pinpoint your challenges, in order to come up with a strategy that best suits your needs. 

2. Redefine your expectations

Your journey with Mindful Reflections will be filled with the unexpected. While you will ultimately experience a transformation, we do not know how that journey will look.  It is time to redefine your expectations because the path to transformation is not always easy.  Through our work together you will learn to embrace the uncertainty, and trust that you have the power to dismantle the barriers getting in your way. 

3. Reframe your experiences

As people we often label our experiences as good or bad. Life is a rollercoaster that we have to ride and sometimes it is not the ride on which we want to be. Nonetheless, out of those challenges comes something powerful. Therefore, during our work together we learn to identify your struggles and sensations, and observe them with curiosity rather than judgement. Allowing whatever thoughts, feelings or sensations to come up without trying to change them.

4. Release your past

Our goal isn’t to spend time on your past in the traditional way. You will not be explicitly reciting your narrative and rehashing out old experiences. We will be working together to release your past in an implicit manner, through body sensations and by activating deeper parts of the brain.

No amount of work we do together will erase your memories. Your past is your past, and there is no changing that. However, through the strategies we use you will be able to think about your past without being overwhelmed by it. You will be able to use your past to improve performance, heal your pain and develop lasting relationships and connections.

5. Reveal your true self

No more hiding. You will begin to see who you really are and appreciate all the qualities that person possesses. Together we will slowly peel back the layers, so that your true self becomes more and more clear. We accomplish this by accessing the intricate brain pathways using specific eye placements that hold your most authentic self. Behind the guilt, shame, and pain lives a strong, resilient, successful individual who deserves to be seen and heard.

6. Repair relationships

Over time you may have noticed that many of the relationships in your life have eroded or become toxic, and that includes the relationship you have with yourself. You may have pushed people away, or placed blame on yourself for your life struggles. Ultimately, those reactions only enforce the limiting beliefs you have about yourself and your current situation. It is time to repair those relationships. Connection is crucial in the healing process. As humans we are wired for it, and when we isolate or place blame on ourselves or others, it wreaks havoc on our mental health, performance, and overall well being. We will work together to help you feel confident and find clarity to build relationships that are strong and healthy, including the one with yourself. 

7. Recover from your pain

You are not broken. The pain you are experiencing does not define you, and it is possible to recover from it. When we talk about pain we are referring to both physical and emotional pain. There is the pain of not being good enough, the pain of past injuries that continue to impact your performance, the overwhelming pain of trauma, and the emotional pain that has turned physical due to concealing your true self. As you confront the discomfort and allow your brain and body to heal, you will start to recover from the pain, however that looks or feels to you.

8. Rebuild your life

This may sound daunting, but it is a stage that will become more apparent throughout our work together. Mindful Reflections can’t possibly know what that looks like for you, but you will, and you will feel confident in whatever choices you make in your life. While rebuilding your life is the final pillar at Mindful Reflections, it is not where the journey ends. It is a process and you will continue to create the life you want even after our work together is finished. It’s about your dream, your passion, and your life, not anyone else’s. Let’s help you get there!

How We Work Together?

Signature Programs

Looking for a way to dive into your personal growth and experience that transformation for which you have been searching? Mindful Reflections knows exactly what you need! We offer 3 tiers of intensive programs that emphasize true healing and performance enhancement.

Our signature programs are not about attending a session here or there, hoping to get results. Instead, our signature programs combine deep 1:1 healing, community empowerment, and focused coaching in order to lead you in your own self discovery, and provide a more intense experience. You will have a safe space to do the work 1:1, as well as with other like minded individuals who build you up and inspire you in ways you didn’t believe were possible.

Deep 1:1 healing

For those individuals looking specifically for that personal approach, we offer a variety of session packages that can be used for 60 or 90 minute 1:1 sessions, to help you have the best chance at success. Our 1:1 sessions are intended to get you in tune with yourself and process your struggles on a more profound level. These sessions are also geared to help you find clarity and confidence in yourself and your abilities in a more personal way.

Professional Partnership

Helping people achieve their goals and feel accomplished in their life is not an easy task, and it can feel overwhelming and discouraging when your clients are not reaching the level they or you anticipated. Sometimes there is a small piece of the puzzle that is missing, and having that additional approach can help clients reach that next level.

That’s where Mindful Reflections can help. We partner with treatment facilities and other providers to support them and their clients, particularly when there are blocks in the therapeutic process. The strategies Mindful Reflections uses in conjunction with the beneficial approaches you are currently using can yield great results.


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