Pregnancy Loss & Grief Therapy

Supportive therapy for women on their motherhood journey.

Are You Feeling Hopeless After Pregnancy Loss?

Has the loss of your pregnancy or infant made navigating day-to-day life seem unbearable? Have you isolated yourself from friends and loved ones because you feel like no one wants to hear about your pain? Do you spend so much time trying to console others you haven’t focused on your own grief?

Maybe your distress is compounded by tension between you and your partner because you’re both suffering and neither of you is sure how to support one another. Or perhaps you had to terminate your pregnancy for medical or personal reasons and the decision has left you feeling guilty and ashamed.

The Effects Of Miscarriage Or The Loss Of A Baby Can Be Overwhelming

As you’re going through the normal motions of your life, you might feel disconnected, like you’re watching someone else from afar. Maybe you struggle to focus at work or you’ve lost interest in your hobbies, even if those things seem like they shouldn’t be affected by your loss.

Your social life might even be altered. You may become angry when someone announces their pregnancy or welcomes a new child. Or perhaps you volley between dismay and relief when friends don’t ask how you’re doing because you want support, but you’re not sure how to talk about your experience.

Even though the loss of a pregnancy can feel unbearable, counseling can help you process your grief and start to feel like yourself again.

You Can Process The Grief And Emotions With Pregnancy Loss Counseling

What To Expect In Therapy

In our sessions, I will incorporate strategies that allow you to process your loss on a deeper level than typical talk therapy can accommodate. During our initial appointment, I will ask about your current challenges, background, support systems, and interests to learn how to help you get through the hard times.

We won’t spend every session talking about or rehashing your loss. We also don’t want to push down the pain and pretend everything is fine. Instead, I will teach you ways to work through your suffering so it’s no longer overwhelming you. Then we can work to develop strategies to help you start putting the pieces of your life back together.

Our Approach To Helping You Heal

Both the brain and the body hold on to pain and trauma. My approach teaches you how to work through your grief, processing your loss on both a physical and psychological level. Doing so will help you release the pain stored in your body while still giving you the ability to remember and honor your pregnancy without feeling overwhelmed by the memories.

As you walk the path through your grief, I’ll help discover your new normal and get back to your life. I will give you tools to help you reconnect with those who are most important to you. You will also learn powerful strategies for managing emotions, navigating unexpected reminders, and honoring your loss that can carry you through the hard moments long after therapy has ended.

With counseling you can regain your sense of self, start healing the tension between you and your partner, and build up your networks of emotional support. I believe there will be a time when you will be able to walk out of a session loving and missing your baby, but also knowing you still deserve joy and an opportunity to thrive.



Will counseling help me feel like myself again?

I know things seem hard right now. Being a new mom is difficult, and sometimes, it can feel like these overwhelming emotions will never fade—but this isn’t permanent. Don’t let the fear, sadness, and sense of powerlessness stop you from experiencing the positive benefits of therapy. With the right tools and support, you can absolutely feel like yourself again.

I’m dealing with the pain on my own, so how would seeing someone help?

Because you are the one who carries your grief, it can be tempting to cope by staying busy and distracting yourself so you don’t have to deal with the pain. However, without support, eventually important pieces of you can get lost until you wake up one morning and don’t know yourself anymore.

By seeking outside help, you have the opportunity to rebuild yourself from the ground up with the help of an ally who can hold your pain while you heal. Rather than burying memories and emotions, counseling can help you integrate the loss of your pregnancy or infant into your life in healthy, transformative ways.

Will I have to talk about the loss?

While talking can be cathartic, it is not where true, lasting healing happens. With the innovative strategies I use, we won’t spend all of our sessions talking about the loss. We spend more time imagining who you want to be as you move forward.


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